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Pastor Zondo

Who is Pastor Zondo

Pastor Zondo

Pastor Stephen Bafana Zondo now archbishop is the senior pastor and founder of Rivers of Living Waters Ministries in Evaton; he is a televangelist, prophet and a faith healer. Most people would recognize him by his prosperity preaching and healing crusades.

After a research we have conducted on Bishop Zondo, it was necessary that we write the following article to sum up what exactly it is that his ministry is all about. There has been some serious allegations against him and his ministry in the past recent years, some have accused him of turning people into serpents but We thought it best not to follow up on these allegations but investigate his preaching.  Zondo is a Prosperity teacher who is very bold and persuaded that Christianity is all about riches and fame.

We shall highlight below a few quotes taken from his sermons, though they were not directly said in English we have faithfully translated them into English in order that people can understand.

Christians are better than Jesus Christ

“Jesus before God is not better than you; that is why God gave Him to die for you”[1]

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Response: that is heresy and unbiblical, to be better than Jesus is to be better than God. Jesus is Lord and we are His Bond Servants (cf Joh_13:16)

God loves you more than He loves Jesus

“God loves you more than He loves Jesus” 1

Response:  that is heresy, Jesus is of the same substance with The Father and we are fallen humanity, Jesus makes us to be accepted to God and not the other way round. (cf Joh 17:24)

Why did God save us?

“What do you think we are saved for? To be rich” 1

Response: that is false, Jesus died to save us from our sins and from the wrath of God. (John 3:16)

God is obligated to make us rich

“God is bound to make us rich, to prosper us and give us money” 1

Response: God is sovereign and He is not obligated to give us anything and if we were to ask what we deserved, He would throw us all into hell. All that He does to us is by His grace and mercy. (cf Rom 4:5)

About The Lord”™s Prayer

“Rich people don”™t pray little children”™s prayers give us our daily bread everyday. (emphasis added)” [2]

More prosperity

“God doesn”™t want you to have 5 cows, He wants you to have a bunch of them” 2

Response: that kind of theology is false, the bible does not promise us health and prosperity but eternal life. This kind of teaching does not answer questions like why most godly people suffer on this earth while the wicked prosper.

Word of faith

“You cannot have what you don”™t speak out, you have to speak out to let things happen” 2

Response:  this makes man sovereign because he can declare thing into existence like God. Its unbiblical.

Some shocking things about Bishop Zondo

Are there other Gods beside God?

During a prophesy whereby he prophesied a certain lady named Aunty he said that her son was born with the Spirit of God and made the “˜badimo”™ or gods (ancestors) angry and they don”™t want the son.

Another interesting thing to note in the above quote is that he said the boy was born with the Spirit of God with is a denial of the Original Sin and Regeneration, it means the boy was born regenerate and therefore does not need a second birth. This is the same thing mentioned by T. B. Joshua when he said he was born with the gift of healing.

He uses what is commonly known as “˜holy water”™ to heal his victims and he also believes in generational curses and many disturbing things.

Soli Deo Gloria


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[1] “Prosperity”, sermon, sb Zondo 2013

[2] “The thief is Theiving”, sermon, sb Zondo 2013

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