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Who divided the bible into chapter di...

Who divided the bible into chapter divisions The bible was not originally written with chapter divisions , they were made by a man named Robert Stephanus during the 16th century, the aim was to make it easy for people to find and read from the same text without struggling to find the passage, that is why today we are able to quote from any pa [...]

What is common grace

What is common grace? The doctrine of common grace pertains to the sovereign grace of God bestowed upon all of mankind regardless of their election. In other words, God has always bestowed His graciousness on all people in all parts of the earth at all time. Although the doctrine of common grace has always been clear in Scripture, in 1924, [...]

Should I leave my church if my pastor...

Should I leave my church if my pastor is preaching heresy? The first thing one should do in that kind of a situation is to verify if indeed what the pastor is teaching is heresy or just what one doesn”™t want to hear. Many times people complain about their pastors only to realize that the pastor has been doing nothing wrong but preach t [...]

What happens after we die

What happens after we die This is one of life's toughest questions that no one can disregard. We all know that we going to die some day although the time and date has not been made known to us, death still remains a mystery to all of us. What should be asked is not when will I die but rather where do I go when I die. A lot of people do p [...]

Does God Hate The Sin But Love The Si...

Does God Hate The Sin But Love The Sinner? “God hates the sin but loves the sinner…” So say many evangelicals. But is this Biblical? Does God Hate The Sin But Love The Sinner? “A study of the concordance will show that there are more references in Scripture to the anger, fury, and wrath of God, than there are to His [...]

Are Ye Gods?

“The god of the word faith movement is not the God of the Bible. Word faith teaching, in effect, listen to this, sets the individual believer above God, and relegates God to the role of a genie, or Santa Claus, or a valet who is at the Christian's beck and call. Word Faith believers are their own supreme authority. Disciples in th [...]

Why Jesus didnt inherit Original sin ...

Why Jesus didn”™t inherit Original sin which we all do from our father Adam? Original Sin Original sin does not refer to the first sin that Adam and Eve committed as some would assume but to the effects of that sin. When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he acted as a federal representative of the human race and acted on our behalf. Fr [...]

What is Regeneration

What is Regeneration? The doctrine of Regeneration is usually referred to as the forgotten doctrine; some people have not as much as heard about this doctrine and its implications, it is a lost doctrine and is hardly taught in the pulpit today. To the early church it was never neglected as it was essential to salvation as it is today. Spiritu [...]

How Can God Forgive Sinners

How Can God Forgive Sinners “Can you imagine the devil? What did the devil do? He sinned, and what happened? Perfect justice was laid out before him, and there was no need for an explanation. God is just, he sinned; justice has been done. But then there's Adam; sins. Can you imagine the accuser of God? 'O, God, what is th [...]

Can an atheist be a good moral person

Can an atheist be a good moral person? Can an atheist act in moral and ethical ways? Certainly, he can. All humans still retain the image of God upon them, even after the fall of Adam and Eve into sin. The image of God was effaced at the fall, but it was not erased, and so man still understands right and wrong no matter how many try to say ot [...]