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A cultural development, starting in the late twentieth century, which resulted from the general collapse in confidence of the universal rational principles of the Enlightenment. It is characterized by a rejection of absolutes and of objective and rational attempts to define reality.


Postmodernism is a relativistic system of observation and thought that denies absolutes and objectivity. While no consensus exists on a precise definition, postmodernism nevertheless signals a dissatisfaction with one or more aspects of modernity. Its origins are found in the philosophies of Nietzsche, Heidegger, Marx and Freud. On some point [...]

The Emerging Church

by Matt Slick The Emerging Church is a movement that claims to be Christian.  The term ‘Emerging Church’ is used to describe a broad, controversial movement that seeks to use culturally sensitive approaches to reach the postmodern, un-churched population with the Christian message.   Some Emerging Churches might use [...]

Open Theism

Open Theism Open Theism or openness is a movement that argues for a new model of understanding God’s knowledge[i]. It insists that the only way that man can have free will is if God does not know the decisions that individuals make in advance. They teach that if God is omniscient it would mean that man’s free will in not free because whatever [...]

Charismatic Movement

A form of Christianity which places particular emphasis upon the personal experience of the Holy Spirit in the life of the individual and community, often associated with various “charismatic” phenomena, such as speaking in tongues.

New Apostolic Reformation

The NAR claims that the Holy Spirit has revealed to them that in the year 2001 we entered into the second Apostolic age meaning that the long lost office of the New Testament Prophet and Apostle have been restored to this generation since 2001. They claim that the authority of the apostle office has been given to some of the people of this [...]


The Pentecostal movement within protestant Christianity places emphasis on the supernatural sign gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially the gift of tongues first seen at Pentecost in Acts chapter 2. Pentecostalism is similar to the Charismatic movement, but developed earlier and separated from the mainstream church. Theology Theologically, most [...]

Non_lordship salvation

Non-lordship salvation this article was genereted from theopedia.com Non-lordship salvation is a neutral term for easy believism, the “popular slogan for the view that one simply has to believe in order to be saved and that there is no corresponding need for a committed life of Christian discipleship.”^[1]^ The result is that the [...]

Lordship salvation

Lordship salvation this article was generated from Theopedia.com “By this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother.” (1 John 3:10, ESV) Lordship salvation is the position that receiving Chr [...]


Dispensationalism this article was generated from theopedia.com Dispensationalism is a theological system that teaches biblical history is best understood in light of a number of successive administrations of God's dealings with mankind, which it calls “dispensations.” It maintains fundamental distinctions between God's [...]