"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32


“Christianity is a book religion which makes it different from natural religion” B. B. Warfield. What we mean by this is that Christianity is not founded upon mysticism or natural thoughts but upon the Divine revelation of God. The world view of the bible is that the bible may contain the words of God but it is not the Word of God itself because it was written by fallible human beings. This view is held by those who have a form of natural religion while the rest reject it as not being Divine.

Every form of natural religion holds some form of beliefs which in most cases were revealed to the founder through visions and all sorts of staff, but their beliefs are all based on the general revelation of God. General revelation can only bring us to an awareness of God but it does not reveal God in the way God reveals Himself through Special revelation, general revelation then has all to do with our conscience but special revelation goes beyond into revealing God in His Redemptive work. The difference between Christianity and all the world religions is that Christianity operates under God' special revelation while other religions operate on general revelation. All that is known of God is what He has revealed.

Christians believe in the infallibility and the only Divine inspired word of God, the bible does not contain the words of God but is in fact the word of God. The attack on Christians is mainly on the bible and its inspiration, skeptics rejects the doctrine of inspiration and therefore affirms that it was written by human understanding and therefore it contains human errors. We totally reject that notion, the bible is infallible.

The Christian view of Divine inspiration is that God superintended all that was written, He wrote His word though theirs, they only wrote what God wanted them to write. It was not the finger of God that penned down the scriptures but God used human beings through the power of the Holy Spirit to deliver His word. The form of inspiration then differs from that of a poet or of a song writer in that it was God breathed, the scriptures are God breathed, they are the actual words of God. When I say this I am not talking about translations and copies of the original manuscripts, it was possible that scholars could make errors while copying and translating into different languages throughout ages as they were not doing it under Divine inspiration, The Holy Spirit inspired the original writers only, but it is evident that God has preserved His word from infallibility and that is the reason why we can still hold and read from a bible we can trust even today after so many years.

All the writers wrote from different locations and different times but none of them contradicted the other, all prophecies and predictions inside the bible are both true and accurate. There is not a single contradiction inside the bible and those who say there is do so without providing any evidence. We thank God for giving us the Bible because without it we would be lost following man made religions of thoughts.

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