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Marcionism was a 2nd century heresy developed by Marciano of Sinope. He was a dualist and he taught that the God of the Old Testament is not the same God who sent Jesus Christ but a demiurge. Marciano taught that the Old Testament God was a lesser and evil God who is distinct from the loving and forgiving Father of Jesus, God of the Old Testament is said to be hateful, full of wrath and always trying to destroy humankind. The God of the New Testament is not the creator of the universe but the God of the Old Testament; they said that the material world was evil as its creator who rejoices to see people suffer. Marciano contrasted his beliefs by the letters of the Apostle Paul by for instance, Paul made a distinction of Law and Grace of which Marciano believed was another distinction between two gods This is a Gnostic and a dualistic heresy.

Marciano rejected the Old Testament books and some of the New Testament books, he produced his own cannon that consisted of parts of the edited gospel of Luke and 10 of Paul's letters, all other texts that had a connection with the Old Testament were rejected. Marciano said that Jesus was a spiritual Savior not a Jewish Messiah and Paul as His chief Apostle.

Tertullian wrote against him in a five-book treatise Adversus Marcionem, written about 208, and also in De Carne Christi. This heresy began to die out in the 5th century.

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