"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Open Theism

Open Theism

Open Theism or openness is a movement that argues for a new model of understanding God’s knowledge[i]. It insists that the only way that man can have free will is if God does not know the decisions that individuals make in advance. They teach that if God is omniscient it would mean that man’s free will in not free because whatever we decide God already knew in advance, and so to avoid that they deny the omniscience of God.

They teach that God does not know the future and is awaiting for future events and decisions like we are, He is learning moment-by-moment what w do, when we do it, and His plans must constantly be adjusted to what actually happens, in so far as this is different than what he anticipated[ii]. in other words, the future does not exist because it is unknown.

Major problems with this view

·  They believe that God can repent or change His mind which means He is not sovereign and can be affected by something that happens outside of Himself.

·  God is not Omniscient which means there are other things God is not aware of but learns them as they take place.


The god of the open-theists is not the God of the bible but the one who only exists in their own minds.

[i] Mohler, Albert, R, The disappearance of God, 14, 114

[ii] Bruce Ware, their God is Too small, 12-13

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