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Should I leave my church if my pastor is preaching heresy

Should I leave my church if my pastor is preaching heresy?

The first thing one should do in that kind of a situation is to verify if indeed what the pastor is teaching is heresy or just what one doesn”™t want to hear. Many times people complain about their pastors only to realize that the pastor has been doing nothing wrong but preach the word of God faithfully; i.e. one pastor was preaching on the biblical doctrine of election and a member of his congregation thought it best to leave the church because she thought the pastor was preaching heresy. This was due to her lack of scriptural knowledge though, and after sometime she took the bible and started reading until she could find and understand that it is a biblical doctrine.

While that was the case with the above story, it is not so on many today who are faithful students of the bible or mere lay people who seek the truth of God”™s word; they might know all the heresies in church history but they know what the message of the bible is. It has never been easy for them to be in churches where pastors are not faithful in teaching the word of God. Most of them have tried to confront their pastors or elders but to no avail and ended up being labeled as heretics and all sorts of names. Some have tried to go from one church to another but getting similar result.

What must I do?

I know a man who once decided to stop attending a local church and said he was going to pray and listen to sermons in his own house; this took place for two to three weeks until he realized the significance of fellowship. He could not continue as he noticed that his spiritual growth was declining, he then found a certain church consisting of only few believers and joined the church. He finally found a church where he could no longer complain about heresy.

Sometimes you might find yourself in that kind of a situation for the very same reason, like Queen Esther you might be in that place for such a time as this. You might find that that church is a church of God but suffering from an unbelieving pastor and you on the other hand God is using you to bring a reformation. Running away won”™t be such a good idea at this point; one must pray God and ask for His guidance.

Soli Deo Gloria

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