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Why Jesus didnt inherit Original sin which we all do from our father Adam

Why Jesus didn”™t inherit Original sin which we all do from our father Adam?

Original Sin

Original sin does not refer to the first sin that Adam and Eve committed as some would assume but to the effects of that sin. When Adam sinned in the Garden of Eden, he acted as a federal representative of the human race and acted on our behalf. From that time the entire human race, that is, of the seed of Adam, inherits a sinful nature from Adam from birth. Eve was the first to sin but sin did not enter the world through her but Adam (cf Rom 5:12); therefore original sin is passed from the male parent to the child.

Virgin Birth

Christ is con-substantial with us according to his human nature and con-substantial with God according to His divine nature (Counsel of Chalcedon). His miraculous virgin birth sets out His uniqueness from all humanity in that He alone was born without a biological father as the Apostle creed says “He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary”¦” The absence of a human father in His conception explains His sinlessness because original sin was not passed to Him from any one. Original sin is not passed to the baby from within the womb after the baby is formed but when the male sperm come together with the female ovum to reproduce.

Mary did not need to be sinless herself to give birth to the human nature of Christ because she was just carrying the baby in her womb. She was a sinner herself like us; she inherited a sin nature from her father, and her father from his father, and so on. The Roman Catholic doctrine of Mary”™s sinlessness (Immaculate Conception) is debunked by the fact that for her to be born sinless, she must also be born of a virgin, her parents also, and so on. That Jesus was born of a woman is what identifies Him with us. He is a perfect human being in His human nature and fully God in His divine nature.


Jesus is the spotless Lamb of God, whose blood alone could propitiate the wrath of God for those who would believe in Him. Had He any sin He would be disqualified to make atonement for others. He is the new Man who brings life to all who believe. Believers inherit His righteousness and by His obedience and sinlessness we are counted righteous in the sight of God.

Soli Deo Gloria

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