"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." John 8:32

Why we believe that Jesus is God

Before one can even make a profession of faith, they must first acknowledge and understand who the savior is. It is very essential to first understand the person and work of Christ and what that means in regards to our salvation before one can become a Christian. No Christian doctrine is of less importance to other doctrines, but theologically, doctrines are understood in terms of order.  We have those doctrines that though not less important, needs not qualify a person to be a Christian for instance, one can be a Christian and not believe a particular eschatological view, nor does it require one to be a cessationist in order to be a Christian all this are of third and fourth order.

We also do have other doctrines, those with which a person cannot be saved or become a Christian except they first believe these doctrines. They are called first order doctrines because they explain the most essential elements of Christianity. A few examples of these doctrines are; the doctrine of The Trinity, the doctrine of the Virgin Birth, the doctrine of Revelation and Inspiration, and the doctrine of Original Sin, etc.

A false view of Christ is equivalent to heresy as it can only bring out a Savior who is just one of us or rather who cannot save nor meet the biblical standards of a Savior, like Steven Lawson said; “Tell me about Christ and I will tell you of your ministry or religion”. In fact, every Christian ought to believe in the deity of Christ or they cannot be saved. If Jesus is not God then he cannot save, and if he be less than God his atonement would not wash away our sins.

How the world view Christ

Many cults and religions have a different from of views of who Jesus is; the Jehovah”™s Witness say he is the first created being in the creation order ; they say since He is the Son of God He can”™t possibly be God Himself. Muslims say He was just a prophet like any other prophets. Jews say He was the greatest teacher but not more than a man. The most prominent view is the one that the Jehovah”™s Witness hold, that Jesus is the Son of God and therefore less than God. A denial of the deity of Christ is a practical denial of the Trinity and of God who revealed Himself as a Triune God. The Father is God, The Son is God, and The Holy Spirit is God; but they are not 3 gods but one God as the Athanasian Creed say.

Evidences to believe Jesus is God

1.  He is eternal “” Micah 5:2 (“His going fourths are from everlasting to everlasting “)

2.  He is the agent of creation. Colossians 1:16 (“For by Him and for Him were all things created”) “” if He created everything, He left nothing that would create Himself which clearly indicates that He is uncreated. God cannot create another god.

3.  He knows the depths of the hearts of man. John 2:25 (“For He knew what  was In man”)

4.  He had power over inanimate things. Mark  4:39 (“He said to the storm, peace be still”)

5.  He had power over evil and evil spirits. Mark 5:13 (“He gave the demons permission”)

6.  He accepted worship. John 21:28, John 9:38 (“My Lord and my God”)

Why we needed a human Savior who is also God.

Just a reminiscent of the Levitical priesthood and the sacrificial system; the priest had to slaughter a lamb that was without blemish on behalf of the nation Israel. The animal”™s life substituted the lives of the people, but that was a picture of what Christ would do on the cross. We should also look at how original sin entered the world; Adam as a federal head of all man sinned on our behalf and we are what we are all naturally born as because of him. The law demands satisfaction and the soul that sins should die, Ezekiel “¦ since it was human blood that transgressed, only human blood could atone for sin. Because we were both sinful, none of us could satisfy the demands of God”™s law and we would all be left in a helpless situation had not God sent us a Savior. There are two qualifications which I want to mention that the Savior had to possess in order to qualify as an atoning sacrifice:

1.  He had to be a fully human being but without sin.

The savior as a federal head had to be one we can identify with, for Him to be able to represent us He had to be like us as a perfect human being. If an angel had died, his death would not be useful to us for he could only die for his fellow angels. Like Adam, He must be able to represent His progeny that is why Christ had to be born of a woman and was made under the law. If He is not like us He can”™t die for us because He is not one of us. Hebrews 4:15

2.  He had to be fully God

He had to be also God in order for Him to be able to drink the cup of God”™s eternal wrath in time. When Christ was on the cross, on Him was laid the sin of us all; the demands of the law was that each and every one of us should suffer an eternal punishment in hell, but Christ accomplished all that in a matter of 3 Hours. As the Eternal God, He was able to sustain an eternal punishment in time on our behalf.


It is absolutely necessary for every Christian to know and understand the Person of Christ. We should always at all times understand all that He is in regards to our salvation. It is easier to fall into the pit of another Jesus. Christ is God incarnate, con-substantial with us according to His humanity and con substantial with the Father according to His Divinity.

Soli Deo Gloria

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